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Nyati 4x4 MRAP

Modern South African designed 4x4 battlefield Platform

The Nyati 4x4 mine and ballistic protected vehicle range provides a powerful platform for a range of battlefield and peacekeeping requirements. The modern South African design incorporates main components that provide reliability, maintainability and repairability into the future.

The Nyati Infantry Fighting Vehicle variant, with a light turret and two hard weapon mounts accommodating up to 20mm cannon, is suited for Motorised Infantry, Counter-insurgency, Specialised Policing and Special Forces operations.

Twiga continues to successfully provide international clients with turn-key projects underpinned by the development of indigenous capabilities through technology transfer programmes focused on supporting the development of local industry. Twiga supplies military, security, humanitarian aid and private sector clients. Twiga’s turn-key projects include armoured vehicle manufacturing, joint development of military maintenance workshops, logistic support projects and military vehicle remanufacture projects. Twiga’s products and services include armoured vehicles, military patrol boats, night vision and thermal imaging devices supported by a wide range of training programmes.

Twiga’s Products and Services

Nyati 4x4 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle
Rugged Military Boats
Nyoka 4x4 armoured vehicle
Weapon Mounts
Customised Off-Road Trailers

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